Martin the Mouse in the Library, Children's BooksHumans say you have to be “as quiet as a mouse” when you visit a library. Being a mouse myself, I thought I’d go check out some local libraries to see why we should be so quiet.

When you walk into a library, you’ll usually see a checkout desk near the front door. Sometimes there are study rooms with big windows. And there are always, always, always a lot of books.

A library’s main job is to gather up books and loan them out to people in the community. And for free! When you borrow a book from a library, it’s called “checking it out.”

To check out books you’ll even get your very own library card. The card keeps track of which books you have checked out so the library knows where all their books are.

Libraries have so many books that they use a special system just to keep track of them all. It’s called the Dewey Decimal System. The books are sorted into categories, and each category has a number. There are categories for art, history, science, and so much more.

My favorite spot has to be the children’s section. I always head straight there to pick out some good picture books. Then I find a comfy chair to read in.

Oh! That’s why you have to be quiet as a mouse! There are so many other people reading, too, and they need it quiet so they can concentrate. Luckily I’m already a mouse, so staying quiet is pretty easy for me.

Sometimes I don’t have time to finish all the books I picked, so I check out the books and bring them home.

I think the library is my new favorite place.

What’s your local library like? Tell me all about it on Facebook or in the comments!

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