Have you ever met a firefighter? Their job is to help people when there is a fire that gets out of control.

Make a kids’ fire safety plan with your family so everybody knows what to do if there’s a fire. You can also be prepared by getting to know more about what a firefighter does and what they look like.

Martin the Mouse leaning against the cover of Martin the Mouse in the Firehouse children's picture book by award-winning author Richard Ballo

Firefighter suits might look scary if you’re not used to seeing them, but remember there’s a person in that suit who’s there to help. I’ll tell you about the different parts that make up a fire suit so you won’t be scared if you meet one!

Fire-proof coats and pants are made with special fabrics to protect firefighters’ skin.

Heavy boots help firefighters walk on hot floors and keep their feet safe.

Big helmets with face shields and masks sometimes cover most of a firefighter’s face. This keeps their heads safe and keeps the smoke out.

Backpacks that look like big, tall cans are actually oxygen tanks with hoses that lead to firefighters’ face masks. These tanks give them clean air to breathe as they walk through smoky places.

Visit a firehouse! If you want to see a firefighter’s uniform in person, see if your local fire station allows visitors. They can show you their uniforms, equipment, and even inside a fire truck.

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