Martin the Mouse Children's Books - Kids Literature Blog - Farmer's Market Fruits & VegetablesMice are always looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. That’s usually why we end up sneaking into houses–to look for something to fill our tummies. This month I went to a farmer’s market in my neighborhood instead.

Buying produce (meaning fruits and veggies) at a farmer’s market is kind of like going to a grocery store. Except these markets are sometimes outside, and you might get to meet the farmers who grew the food!

The people who sell things at farmer’s markets usually live in or near your town. This is good for the environment, and the food can be fresher, because it doesn’t take as much gas and time to drive the food to the market.

My favorite thing about buying fresh produce at the farmer’s market is eating it, of course! There’s nothing better than sinking my teeth into a piece of broccoli, or strawberry, or beans, or banana, or… anyway, you get the picture.

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