Every year, Earth Day takes place on April 22nd. Martin the Mouse April Post - Earth DayWe all live on this planet together, and we should make sure we’re taking care of it. This year, the Earth Day theme is “Restore our Earth,” and one of the efforts includes planting more trees.

Having lots of trees is an important part of making the planet healthy. Trees clean the air, help cool things down, and provide habitat for animals.

The other day I was hiking through the woods with some friends, and I saw so many houses! Not the kind humans build with concrete or bricks or beams — I mean natural houses built in caves, in the ground, and in trees.

Animals build these for sheltering, sleeping, and raising families. Trees can be used for shelter in a lot of different ways.

Some animals sleep right on the branches, while birds usually use twigs to build hard-to-reach nests, and others go inside the tree itself to make their homes.

Mice, squirrels, owls, and raccoons sometimes live in hollowed trees. A bird called a woodpecker will even create a hole in a tree to make its nest inside!

When we mice are not exploring humans’ houses, we make our own houses in nature, too. Our natural home is called a burrow, which is a hole in the ground where we can sleep safely. We also live in caves and in trees. We’re comfortable just about anywhere.

Check out the images below to see what some of the tree nests look like. Have you ever seen an animal make a home in a tree? Let me know about it on Facebook!