Get in the Fall Spirit: Martin the Mouse Children's BooksAh, September!

Everyone’s back to school, and fall is right around the corner. Fall begins later this month, and I am SO excited. “Fall” is another word for the autumn season, which is between summer and winter. 

We call it fall because in many places the colder weather makes leaves begin to change color and fall off their trees. When it happens to a big tree, it creates a big mess. If the trees are near houses, the leaves need to be raked from the lawns and cleaned from the gutters.  

Get in the Fall Spirit: Martin the Mouse Children's Books

Fall is also the time of year when I love to explore new houses. Mice don’t like the cold, so we look for comfortable places — like a house — to keep warm until spring. To get inside a house we squeeze through small openings like holes and cracks in the attics, doors, or floors. 

Mice may look too big to get into houses through these tiny spaces, but we can actually smoosh down and fit through holes as small as the width of a pencil!

Personally, I like to warm up in a nice garden shed so I can be near the plants. This is the time of year when we can start harvesting fall vegetables. If you planted any pumpkins, cranberries, or potatoes in your garden back in May, they might soon be ready to eat!

Get in the fall spirit by curling up with a copy of my book Martin the Mouse in a Haunted House. Stay tuned to find out what my Halloween costume will be next month! Have you already picked out a costume? Tell me about it in the comments!

Get in the Fall Spirit: Martin the Mouse Children's Books