Little Mouse Press EventsYou may have noticed some changes around your house the last couple of weeks. For instance, my humans don’t seem to leave the house anymore! And if you’re like them you may be going a little stir crazy .

I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on how you can stay busy and have fun at home.

  • Turn Your Toys into Artwork.
    For a fun drawing activity grab your favorite toy animal, like a mouse, and put it in front of a bright light so it casts a shadow on a piece of paper. Then, on your paper, draw an outline of its shadow. Voila! Your favorite toy animal is now a work of art.
  • Create a Cardboard Village.
    Collect all those empty boxes that recently got delivered and add a little imagination. Build your own village or make a fort, try building your own race car or a news anchor desk.
  • Visit Museums & Zoos, Online.
    There are many ways to explore your favorite places online. Check with your parents to see if any of your favorite museums or zoos are taking there attractions online.
  • Read a Book.
    I’ve got an entire bookcase full of my favorites like, The Cheese Stands Alone and 3 Blind Mice. Ask your parents about picking a good time during the day for “Story Time.” They can read you a story and you can read one to them. You can also read to your stuffed animal friends, they would love to hear your voice more.
  • Put on a Cooking Show.
    See if your parents could use your help in the kitchen. Try baking something sweet like brownies or cookies. And don’t forget to leave a few crumbs on the ground for your favorite mouse friend!
  • Listen to Authors Read.
    More authors are doing it, so look for your favorite author and see if they have posted a story online.
  • Write a Letter.
    Write a letter or send a drawing to a friend or family member who may be alone. It will make them smile.
  • Start a Diary or Journal.
    Write about what is going on and how it makes you feel. Are you excited to be out of school or are you missing your friends? Then have your parents save it. You can read it again in thirty years.
  • Find a New Hobby.
    Explore something new that you are interested in like puzzles, painting or writing stories.

Above all, have fun. All these changes can be scary, and you may be sad that you can’t see your teachers or friends right now. But it’s important to find ways to stay busy and have fun!

I’d love to see what new fun things you’ve been up to at home. Share with us on Facebook!

Stay safe. Play safe.