Martin the Mouse Squeeze Cheese ToySt. Patrick’s Day is coming up again soon, and I wish we could celebrate together! You might remember that last year I got to visit castles in Ireland, and I told you about some of my favorite ones.

I wanted to go back this year, but I’m not quite ready to travel on airplanes. Maybe if I find a four-leaf clover I’ll get lucky enough to go later this year! I wanted to look at the architecture (the style) of other Irish houses. For now, I’m going to imagine what they might look like and draw them on paper.

Did you know some people go to school just to learn how to draw houses? Well, okay, it’s really more than just drawing. It’s learning to draw the instructions for how to build houses. People who design houses are called architects.

If that’s something you might want to do, you could start practicing right now at home!

Work on your drawing skills

The more you draw, the better you will get at making the pictures you have in your head. Draw every day, even if it’s for a short time. Keep your old drawings so you can see your progress.

Martin the Mouse St. Patrick's Architecture

Notice your surroundings

Start looking at how different buildings are shaped. Look at the outsides and the insides, the roof, the walls, the ceilings, and the floors. Notice the shapes, the angles, the colors, and the materials. Imagine how you might design a house.

Martin the Mouse St. Patrick's Architecture

Practice with objects

Practice building your own designs using Legos, building blocks, or even pillow forts! Each time, think about what you could do next time to make your building even stronger.

Martin the Mouse St. Patrick's Architecture

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Martin the Mouse Squeeze Cheese Toy