10 Kid-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions - Martin the Mouse Children's Books for ToddlersHappy New Year, my friends! Have you ever heard about New Year’s resolutions? A resolution is like a goal, or something you want to do. It’s usually something you want to get better at, a way to improve your life, or a problem you want to solve.

You can make goals any time of year, but lots of people like to make them at the beginning of the year, and call them resolutions.

Wishy washy goals can be hard to stick to. Set good goals by making sure they are specific, realistic, and include timing.

Here are some ideas for resolutions for young kids, from toddlers to preschoolers to elementary school children.

  1. I will cook in the kitchen with my loved ones once a week.
  2. I will try a bite of new foods any time they’re put on my plate.
  3. I will brush my teeth twice a day.
  4. I will help tidy up and clean with my loved ones every day.
  5. I will always ask an adult before petting any dogs.
  6. I will read books I like each day.
  7. I will learn something new daily.
  8. I will put away toys before I take out more toys.
  9. I will be nice to other kids who need friends.
  10. I will take some deep breaths when I am upset.

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